Pagan Pride Day

Invoking Interfaith Tolerance Since 1999

Sponsors Make Pagan Pride Day Possible

Pagan Pride Day’s sponsorship program offers various benefits at different price ranges, so it is easy to find the right fit for your marketing budget. In addition, sponsors get exposure in PPD’s social media and print outreach efforts and banners within our event — all with just one contribution!

The LA/OC Pagan Pride Day needs sponsorships from businesses or organizations that want their products marketed to thousands of people each month through various channels. It’s never too late to become an advocate for equality; choose which levels are best suited for you among this excellent sponsor opportunity.

Put your brand in the spotlight and reach a broader customer base.

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Premium Promotional Packages

When you choose our premium promotional packages, you receive multiple benefits. These include featuring your ad in the printed Pagan Pride Day event program. Moreover, you’ll enjoy Social Media Engagement, which involves sponsored posts on our PPD Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to help you reach a wider audience. Your sponsored advertisement will also be featured in at least one issue of the Pagan Pride Day monthly newsletter. Also, premium packages may offer Special Promotions with custom-branded social media content, creating your brand’s unique and impactful presence.


Promotional Package
$ 60
  • Half-Page Ad
  • Social Media
  • 1 Newsletter Ad


Promotional Package
$ 90
  • Full-Page Ad
  • Social Media
  • 2 Newsletter Ads
  • 1 Special Promotion


Promotional Package
$ 120
  • Full-Page Ad
  • Social Media
  • 3 Newsletter Ads
  • 2 Special Promotions

Social Media Engagement includes announcements on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and inclusion in the annual PPD sponsors Facebook album that will remain available for one (1) year after the event.

Special Promotions include up to 14 posts across 3 Social Media channels. You have 12 months from purchase to request a social media campaign to be delivered to our audience.

Newsletter ads include an image advertisement in our monthly newsletter, 300 x 800 pixels, and linked to the URL of your choice. You have 12 months from purchase to request it.

Start Small. Make an Impact!

Your sponsorship and support are essential to making Pagan Pride Day a successful event.


Promotional Package
$ 30
  • 2x5" Printed Event Program Ad
  • Social Media Engagement

Order of the Candle

Supporter Package (3 Available)
$ 350
  • Platinum package benefits with upgrades to:
  • Two Additional Special Promotions
  • 7x4 banner on a workshop tent