Pagan Pride Day

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Information Booths

Covenant of the Goddess - Orange County
Covenant of the Goddess - Orange County
(Photo Credit: Tony Mierzwicki)

At Pagan Pride, we encourage organizations, covens, and groups to host a booth at our event. This is an excellent opportunity to share information about your group, connect with like-minded individuals, and promote understanding and acceptance of Paganism in your local community.

We ask that you provide us with information about your group, including your mission, values, and any events or activities that you have planned.

We welcome booths that showcase a wide variety of Pagan traditions and beliefs, and we encourage you to be creative in your presentation. Whether you want to offer tarot readings, display handmade crafts, or share information about your coven’s rituals, we are excited to see what you have to offer!

Please note that all booths must be respectful of diverse Pagan traditions and beliefs and must not promote discrimination or hate speech. We also ask that you keep your booth appropriate for all ages.

Information Booth Pricing


Organization Booth
$ 40
  • Promote awareness of your group
  • Provide educational information about your group's work and activities


Organization Booth
$ 95
  • Promote awareness of your group
  • Provide educational information
  • Sell merchandise to raise funds

Deadline to submit application is
August 30, 2024

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