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Dragon and The Rose Witchcraft Store in Santa Ana, CA
The Dragon and The Rose Witchcraft Store in Santa Ana, CA
(Photo Credit: Tony Mierzwicki)

Pagan Pride LA/OC is proud to present the 2024 Pagan Pride Day scheduled for Sunday, October 13, 2024. The event will run from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach, CA.

Pagan Pride Day is an exceptional opportunity to become actively involved in the Pagan Community and educate the general public about Paganism while introducing your business to others in our community. Over the years, participants, presenters, and performers alike have come to consider this annual event a success for all involved.

Pagan Pride Day is an entirely outdoor event. Booth spaces are 10×10 feet square, and each vendor must provide their own table and pop-up tent.

Due to location logistics, including the first come, first serve basis of the application process, the imprecise placement of spaces, and the development of the site plan (in cooperation with the City) as applications arrive, we cannot honor requests for specific spaces, except that you can request the same space you had last year and we will do our best.

ADA Compliance

ADA requirements are addressed on a case-by-case basis. Please email if you need accommodations.. For example, the park’s grassy area may be challenging for people with disabilities, and some of the concrete pathways are narrow.

Special Event Vendor Permit

If you are vending or selling items or services at a special event, you must have a Special Event Vendor Permit by the City of Long Beach. Pagan Pride Los Angeles, Inc. obtains this permit for you, and it’s included in the vendor fee.

For Licensing Purposes: Merchant vendors may sell goods and services (tangible objects to be bought and sold AND activities provided by other people)Service-only vendors may offer the sale of services but not the sale of goods.

Vendor Booth Fees


Vendor Booth
$ 160
  • Sell Goods and Services
  • Promote Your Brand or Business
  • Special Event Vendor Permit


Vendor Booth
$ 115
  • Sell Services Only
  • Promote Your Brand or Business
  • Special Event Vendor Permit


Two merchant or service-only vendors may share one booth for $220 + 1 donated prize item from each vendorBooth-sharing is limited to two vendors, and each vendor is required to submit a completed application indicating they are sharing a booth and with whom.

Service-only vendors who are booth-sharing may sell merchandise.

Application Deadlines

Please submit all vendor applications with full payment by August 30, 2024. You may make two payments of $80 due August 15, 2024 (with your application) and September 10, 2024.  Booth-sharing vendors must send an application and payment of $200 by August 30, 2024.  Service-only vendors may make two payments of $57.50 due August 15, 2024 (with your application) and $57.50 due September 10, 2024.  Any application received after August 15, 2024, will be charged an additional $20 late fee. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any vendor applications after September 10, 2024.

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